Space Waste Lab opened hi-tech performance in Milano, Italy

Right now there are more than 29.000 objects larger than 10 centimeters floating around the earth. It is space waste; parts of broken rockets and satellites. This waste can damage our current satellites, with collisions creating more space waste and disturbing our digital communications. And nobody really knows how to fix it.
The current SPACE WASTE LAB PERFORMANCE visualises the space waste above your head real-time with large beams of light. SPACE WASTE LAB is exhibited in the Netherlands and Italy to raise awareness about space waste, and wonder about new solutions. One of the solutions is creating Shooting Stars from captured space waste.

SPACE WASTE LAB is the living lab of space experts at ESA (the European Space Agency) and the team of Studio Roosegaarde to give new perspectives on the current 8.1 million kilo of space waste. The project is accompanied by an education programme with more than 2000 students participating.

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