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Space Waste Lab offers a solution to the problem of space debris

1. Create the next generation of fireworks with artificial shooting stars for international world events. The controlled re-entry of space waste in the atmosphere will serve as both a spectacle and an immersive awareness event and cleans up space; without creating the pollution and waste of traditional fireworks.

2. Space debris is used to form a giant solar reflector to lower incoming solar radiation, mitigating the effects of climate change. A constellation crafted from the thousands of pieces of debris placed in geostationary orbit will shield the most vulnerable sections of the Earth, such as the massive ice sheets that cover Antarctica.

3. A rich history of space travel is circling us, containing important artefacts of mankind's technological achievements. One era’s debris can be another era’s historic object. By preserving these significant cultural artefacts in a space museum, future generations can witness, learn from, and explore our rich history.

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