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Why People Can't Fly? will complement the new amphitheater of the famous Moscow Polytechnical Museum

Why People Can’t Fly?—is a 6-meter-tall sculpture of a man who is being held down to the ground by eight balloons filled with plastic waste.

In the sculptor’s mind, seven balloons depict the seven human sins, while the eighth one is the pollution of our planet—the new sin that’s committed daily by the humanity. When Vasily got the idea for the sculpture, he shared it on his Facebook page, and people from 150 countries volunteered their efforts to collect plastic trash and send it to him to be used in the sculpture. 

In 2018, a chromed version of the sculpture was showcased at the Monte Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean. In 2019, Why People Can’t Fly became a part of the In Dante Veritas exposition at the Venice Biennale in Italy. Then, it went on to become one of the art objects of the Burning Man festival, which is held annually in the Black Rock Desert in the US. The Polytechnical Museum is a city space that’s dedicated to new ideas, modern art, and open dialog. Visitors can see the sculpture at the Museum between December 30 and February 28

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