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The Birth of a New Mind in Moscow City and how it will help us to live on a clean Planet

In a large-scale Art object 'Newborn Mind' Vasily Klyukin raises questions of human evolution, self-reflection, the full realization of inner potential and even the possible transgression to the level of genius.

This work is part of the "Earth2050" project, dedicated to the ecological and environment issues in the modern world. The authors of the project posing the questions: "What kind of Earth will we leave for future generations?" Our aim is to support international initiatives that fight pollution through the methods and meanings of contemporary art.

The sculpture was originally created for the Burning Man 2020 (cancelled)

In next few years, the "Earth2050" collection of sculptures will pay separate visits to dozens of countries and cities around the world.

On view at "Moscow City" from November 05, 2021