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We are calling on citizens of the world to take care of their environment and resolve our planet's most pressing ecological issues


BE INVOLVED! Everyone is responsible!



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It includes two artworks "Why people can't fly?" and "Newborn Mind", as well as the "In Dante Veritas" collection.

The Project was founded in 2016
The project's manifesto:
We began the project by giving serious thought to the state of the planet our children will live in. Technology has increased our lifespans, and we live now longer than ever before. However, despite increases in technology and science, the ecology of our home is getting worse. Thus, we pose the question - what will Earth will look like for future generations?
«Year 2050 we will still be here; this planet is our home, and we have no choice but to preserve the planet and to keep it prosperous for the lives of our children.
Citizens of metropolitan cities are not always aware, or admit to their ecological problems. Awareness of the problem is the first step to solving it.
Stop climate change is only possible when every person is aware of, concerned, involved and takes measures.
Change yourself and your habits, and the world will follow.

This is an international initiative focused on solving the problem of pollution, encouraging people to be mindful of their consumption and raise future generations to be environmentally-aware.
In next few years, "Earth2050" project's sculptures will pay separate visits to dozens of countries and cities on their worldwide tours.
Through means and methods of Modern Art, we want to draw people's attention to the environmental challenges facing humanity today.

Art objects

Why People Can't Fly

This person is myself. And like most of us, I have a laundry-list of problems and worries that drag me down...

Newborn Mind

The new art object of Vasily Klyukin is made by using a special authoring technique "Living Sculptures"

Earth 2050

The art object is under construction, will be completed in 2023

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