Why People Can't Fly


Vasily Klyukin



10 meters
Steel, plastic, soul, 7 sins, worldwide plastic garbage
This person is me. I, like the majority of us, have a baggage of problems and worries that drag me down. Because of these, I don't feel I can fly despite the current technological and scientific advances. I can't fly spiritually, as I'm being pulled down by my obligations and my inner immaturity. I'm not the only one with such issues — each one of us has a baggage that weights us down. Financial, household and personal problems are at the base of each of our lives. Neither humanity as a whole, nor any person individually, will be able to fly until we change collectively
In 2018, the 3-meter tall sculpture "Why People Can't Fly" was presented at the Monte Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean. Floating under the man's figure, the glass balloons were filled with plastic that was collected by volunteers from over 150 countries.

"Why people can't fly" is a 10-metre-high sculpture that was made with modern lighting technologies, representing a man who is unable to fly, because of the eight trash-filled balloons. The trash was collected by volunteers from 150 countries after Vasily Klyukin shared his new idea on Facebook. The sculptor saw the pollution of Earth as the new, eighth sin, which will lead to further problems for mankind.

The sculpture was exhibited at one of the world's biggest art festivals - legendary event taking place in State of Nevada from 25th of August to September 2nd of 2019.
The monumental composition will be represented in Miami (FL) on Art Basel Miami Beach in December 2019, then in January – February 2020 goes to Beverly-Hills (CA) with final point of the tour in Frieze Art Fair in New-York, NY in May 2020.
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